The Coming Of Zerocare

It would be naïve to think that we are not going to see Obama and his Democratic majorities impose a form of National Health Care (NHC) as early in this term as he can.  We will most likely see this just prior to the 2010 Congressional elections in an effort to keep his majorities by "buying" the votes of non-tax-paying citizens but before the system collapses under the price tag of whichever format he chooses.Current Government ParticipationTo understand fully the implications of the information to follow, one has to appreciate the role the federal and state governments currently play in the delivery of healthcare to Americans.  It can be summed up with an analogy: Government is the organized crime of healthcare.Some will consider that statement unfair, but it is easily supported with financial data throughout the country.  Medicare is a massive program that was begun by Lyndon Johnson in the mid 1960's, but which succeeding administrations, Republican...(Read Full Article)