Class War in America

Last night, for the first time, I watched the movie, The Fugitive, from start to finish. The film is about a surgeon, falsely accused and convicted of murdering his wife, who escapes during a prison transfer, and is pursued by a US Marshall. For Chicagoans, the film is one of the great movie portrayals of the city. But I now believe the classic moment in the movie comes in the 82nd minute. Harrison Ford, playing the falsely accused doctor, Richard Kimble, tries to lose himself from his pursuers by joining in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. This parade always draws Chicago and Illinois politicians to show their Irish stripes, regardless of their ethnicity. So which leprechaun is the politician shown marching as Kimble breaks into the parade? Roland Burris! Yes, that Roland Burris, who at the time the movie was released in 1993, was Illinois Attorney General. Both my wife and I jumped up at the sight of our new US Senator, in a moment that should be engraved on his tombstone.Another note...(Read Full Article)