The O is for Overrated

In his campaign for the Presidency, candidate Barack Obama and his minions relied on several key messages: I am for change (I am not George Bush);I am the candidate who will break through the racial barrier and show how America (and yes, you the voter) can be part of this noble uplifting effort;I am young and vigorous but also calm and composed (not like John McCain);I am a gifted speaker who will inspire you. Experience, and in particular executive experience, was not much discussed, since Obama had less of both than any candidate for President in history.  And Obama also ran from his public voting record and history of associations (Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Tony Rezko) that suggested he would be far more to the left than any President in history. Rather the message was that he would be bi-partisan, moderate, and post-racial. We have now seen the President and his team in action, and the lack of executive experience seems to be a real drawback. The fiasco...(Read Full Article)