Predictions of Hope and Change

Apparently, former presidential candidate, Senator, maverick and jokester, John McCain, is fond of saying, "It is always darkest just before it goes totally black."   In that same jocular spirit, I give my predictions for the Obama Administration, short term and long. Let the hilarity ensue.1.  Obama and the Democrats will pass a massive stimulus bill.  It will come with a cost of about $849 billion.  That is, it will cost just a smidgeon less than the $850 billion bailout proposed, pushed and passed by President Bush and supported by Senator McCain.  Thus the Democrats will be able to deflect any accusations of irresponsible spending with "our bill cost less than the Wall Street bailout bill supported by the Republicans."  Be prepared to hear that Main Street deserves just as much of a bailout as Wall Street got.2.  The $849 billion stimulus will be a bit short on construction spending but chock full of...(Read Full Article)