Murphy's Law, the Peter Principle and Barack Obama

What happens when everything that can go wrong in a person's character formation does go wrong, and that person continues to be promoted to his level of incompetence?President Barack Obama happens.I'm well into my sixth decade of life and have yet to see a more perfect collision of Murphy's Law with the Peter Principle in a single individual.Proper character development is the overriding aim of good parents in raising their children.  Mature parents, especially those Judeo/Christian parents with faith, believe it sinful to raise a child without strong self-constraint, a well-formed conscience, ingrained humility and an ironclad respect for the rights of others.  Children raised thusly become self-supporting adults, honest in their dealings with others and prone to be contributing members of the society at large.The world is purely chock full of bad parents, however.  Plum chock full.Barack Obama was conceived out of wedlock to an eighteen year-old girl, who was herself...(Read Full Article)