The Blago Saga: Chapter 2

In some of his columns, the humorist Dave Barry will throw in a comment to describe some completely ridiculous event or behavior: "I am not making this up".  It would be nice to have Dave Barry blogging the Illinois Senate appointment story, since each day we are handed some morsel that falls into the "I am not making this up" department".On Tuesday, Governor Blagojevich, facing impeachment in the Illinois legislature, appointed Roland Burris to the open Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. Burris, the first African American elected to a statewide office in Illinois, also has another claim to fame -- he has lost the last 4 elections in which he competed: Mayor of Chicago in 1995, and the Democratic nomination for Governor of Illinois in 1994, 1998, and 2002.  This is not a bad losing streak for Illinois and Chicago, where streaks of futility are pretty common: the Cubs' 101 years without a championship and 9 straight playoff game losses, the...(Read Full Article)