Let Them Eat Rockets

The international community is expressing outrage over the relatively small number of civilian casualties reported in the first 11 days of Israel's operation in Gaza.  War, apparently, must now mean zero civilian casualties.   If anyone is killed, they seem to be saying, war crimes are committed. Of course, anyone has the right to object to Israel's invasion.  But these critics are conveniently silent about Hamas' deadly objective when it fired 7,000 rockets and mortars into Israel over the past few years, and the recent torrent of projectiles it launched to end the six-month ceasefire, precipitating the current conflict. The goal of the Hamas rocket fire was not only to terrorize a significant percentage of Israel's population, but also to kill or maim Israeli civilians. But because most of these rockets did not cause casualties, Israel's critics do not consider them a serious threat. The fact that more than 15 percent of Israel's population is now within Hamas'...(Read Full Article)