Girls Need a Dad and Boys Need a Mom

The latest issue of The Journal of Communication and Religion (November 2008, Volume 31, Number 2) contains an excellent analysis of the importance of opposite-sex parent relationships.  The common sense conclusion is backed up with social science data and affirmed by a peer-reviewed scholarly article: girls need a dad, and boys need a mom.  Not surprisingly, the study also found that communication is an essential building block for all family relationships -- family interactions are the crucible for attitudes, values, priorities, and worldviews.  Beyond the shaping and modeling of these essential personal characteristics, the family shapes an individual's interpersonal system and self-identity. Further, stable homes include specific talk about religion and support for children's involvement in religious activities.  These families create high-quality relationships by specific communication behaviors, such as openness, assurance, and dependency.  Those same...(Read Full Article)