Remembering Yankee Stadium

Harvey FrommerRemembering Yankee Stadium: An Oral Narrative History Of The House That Ruth Built 1923-2008Stewart, Tabori, & Chang 2008During the eighty-five years of Yankee Stadium's existence, it has become the foremost sports venue in the country, and possibly, the world. The House That Ruth Built was built for the Yankees, and they made the Stadium what it became. Anyone who watched the televised ceremonies on the day of the last game played at the Stadium, September 21, 2008, felt sadness at the realization of the passing of this American shrine.Many ballparks have been closed in cities across the country during the last 50 years with little fanfare. A few have become something more. Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston are two ballparks that have become a part of baseball mythology. But Yankee Stadium has become something more.Remembering Yankee Stadium by Harvey Frommer documents the Stadium's storied history in pictures and words in this handsome coffee table...(Read Full Article)