The Biggest Missing Story in Politics

The Battleground Poll, the most respected and thorough of all public opinion polls, released its latest results on August 20th.  Although many people read this poll for the data on voter preference in upcoming elections, for voter opinions about the two major political parties, for what things matter most to voters, I always zip past this data in the first fifteen pages of poll results and go straight to Question D3, which very quietly and totally ignored proclaims the biggest missing story in American politics and which is the only story, in the long run, that really matters.I have been tracking Question D3 for a long time, since June 2002, in thirteen straight Battleground Poll results.  Americans respond to this question more consistently than to any other question in those thirteen Battleground Poll surveys.  People many change their opinions dramatically about Iraq or President Bush or drilling for oil, but not their answer to Question D3.  The Battleground...(Read Full Article)