California Legislature: More Uninsured, Please

Californians struggling to provide for their family's healthcare needs share a common frustration: it's very expensive.Unfortunately, one of the bills making its way through the California legislature will add frustration -- and expense -- to their struggle.For some, finding health insurance coverage can be as simple as participating in an employer-sponsored plan bought in California's group insurance market.  Older Americans receive coverage from Medicare, while those with disabilities and few resources use a state program like Medicaid.But for workers in companies that can't afford to provide coverage, for self-employed and small business owners, for people working part-time or who stay at home to care for children or an ailing parent, health insurance is available through California's individual insurance market.The individual market allows people to pay monthly premiums, just like employer-sponsored group coverage.  The difference is that individual plan premiums are...(Read Full Article)