The War on Common Sense

Watching young people compile and try to display knowledge in a college classroom is similar to watching an epistemological famine.  I can say this as an adjunct professor in college and university systems since 2002.Their lack of knowledge is not a reflection on any one college or university but on the overall political and intellectual climate of late 20th and early 21st centuries. My students, and with few exceptions the students of my colleagues, are the fruits of a garden planted with the intention of producing only identical fruit. As a guarantee to that end, the plants in this garden have been pruned of their trust in innate knowledge, i.e., common sense.  Since common sense was not something the 20th century Left could easily regulate or control in academia, they took the path their ideological heroes had always taken when they came upon a nonconforming person or idea: they sought to eliminate it altogether.  This effort, the war on common sense has tempted...(Read Full Article)