John Howard and the Inextricable Link Between Freedom and Faith

John Howard is one of the "Greatest Generation of Americans" -- those Americans who fought in World War II.  When I talked with him, I did not learn that he served in a tank battalion of the First Infantry Division, nor did I learn that he had earned two silver stars and two purple hearts.  Instead, he told me about coming home determined to speak out about the cost of freedom and the inextricable link between freedom and faith.  Many veterans put the war behind them so that they could live quiet lives of devotion to work, community and family.  Dr. Howard was committed to using "his career to sustain and strengthen America's religious ideas, for which many of his friends had fought and died." Having honed his leadership skills in high school, and as a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Princeton with a Ph.D. from Northwestern, Dr. Howard was thoroughly grounded in classical education.  As President of Rockford College in Illinois for seventeen...(Read Full Article)