Can Anybody Stop Obama?

We are just shy of nine months to the general election, and many in the media, in their excitement over Barack Obama, are ready to declare him the Democratic Party nominee, and a likely general election winner over the all but certain Republican standard-bearer, John McCain. To say this conclusion is premature would be like arguing that Senator Obama is a first term Senator, inexperienced in matters of war and national security, a huge tax-and-spend liberal, and the holder of the most left wing voting record of all 100 US Senators. All of the preceding statements about Senator Obama are true. So the question becomes: will voters in the next nine months learn this information about Obama and ratify that vision for the presidency, or just continue to be carried away with his fluffy high minded rhetoric about change, and unity, and hope? It is impossible to deny that Senator Obama has a lot of  momentum at the moment.  On February 10th,  he was 8 points behind Hillary...(Read Full Article)