The Big Winners

There were three winners in Iowa last night: Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama, and John McCain. The race in both parties has now changed, with the path to the nomination clearer on the Democratic side than the Republican. The DemocratsBarack Obama won decisively, by 8% over Edwards and 9% over Clinton.  Voters under age 30 made up a fifth of the Democratic caucus voters and they gave over 50% of their votes to Obama.  This has to make GOP strategists nervous about the general election if Obama is the nominee.  Young voters are often not picked up in polling surveys, since many only use cell phones. Traditional election models may be useless if Obama is the Democratic Party nominee. Will Obama now be the nominee?  He has quite a few things going for him:  momentum, media love, steely ambition, and lots of money. Obama was already about even with Clinton in New Hampshire before the Iowa caucus results were known. He will now surely vault ahead of her there....(Read Full Article)