Whose Christmas Is It Anyway?

Here we go again.  Even before the Thanksgiving turkey made it through the leftover cycle, the now-annual, national Christmas squabble began.Neighbors in a stew over a manger scene in somebody else's front yard; call the ACLU.  A store won't call their evergreens Christmas trees; it makes the evening news.  A company's catalog says "holiday" instead of "Christmas"; a boycott is announced.  Somebody get out the volume of Supreme Court rulings labeled, "Christmas," so we'll know which way the Christmas winds of justice are blowing this year; it's all capricious nonsense.  This bickering is downright sacrilegious.    Time to plan the little tykes' holiday pageant; Santa is fine but Jesus is banned.   Santa brings sugar-laden candy; call the AMA.  Now that you mention it, he's too fat; call Jenny Craig.  Put the reindeer on hold and call the PETA; animals are people too.  Santa says...(Read Full Article)