How Hillary Revived the GOP

A few months back, Republicans were troubled by the prospect of House and Senate retirements, the huge fundraising advantage for Democrats in the Presidential race and Congressional races, and the continued political overhang of the Iraq war and the President's low popularity.  It is of course still possible, if not likely, that Democrats will significantly increase their Senate majority, hold the House, and win the Presidency. But the dynamic of the political races have taken a recent turn favorable to the  GOP. And for that, the Republicans can thank Hillary Clinton. The Hillary juggernaut is a boring storyPretty much everybody, except Barack Obama and John Edwards, now thinks Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. She has opened a lead of 20-30 points in most national opinion surveys.  She leads in the polling in every early primary state, and pretty much everywhere else as well.  If she wins in Iowa, she is the certain nominee of her party. Even...(Read Full Article)