Ann Coulter is Not Helping

I have never been much of an Ann Coulter fan. I tend to prefer substantive argument to flame-throwing. There is plenty of very substantive conservative political argument around. Some of it has appeared on this website the last four years. There is a history with Coulter of making comments on some radio or cable TV interview program that offend some group or individual pretty much every time she has a new book to sell. For an author who likes to be in your face, such provocation, with the resulting publicity frenzy that accompanies such statements, is undoubtedly good for promoting book sales to her loyal base.  The issue with Coulter is not whether  she can sell books, but whether she helps or hurts the side of the political debate she claims to support. In my opinion, Coulter has never been  a big help to the effort to build a conservative and Republican majority.  Her most recent comments on the relationship of Christianity to Judaism, made on the CNBC show...(Read Full Article)