Nothing Short of Victory

After having been deployed to Iraq for several months, tragedy struck my family. In February, I had received word that my mother had fallen terminally ill, and shortly after arriving home on emergency leave, she passed away. It was while I was home, along with the many other personal troubles I was enduring, one problem weighed heavily on me: although I had been in Iraq for nearly four months, I had failed to fully comprehend the gravity and necessity of our mission in the Middle East. As a First Sergeant, understanding the unit's mission has always been a priority for me. We are simply here to rid Iraq of its insurgency and al-Qaeda, and to secure the future for a free and democratic Iraq. Somehow, early on in our deployment, everyone's perception of the war became black and white. We must kill or capture all remnants of the insurgency in order to achieve the success we set out for. For the most part, that is why we are fighting. We are indeed in Iraq to secure its newfound...(Read Full Article)