Heavy-handed Putin

President Vladimir Putin increasingly has been imitating his Soviet predecessors of a bygone communist era. Dissidents, spies, "undesirables", and people just in the wrong place at the wrong time frequently "disappeared" in the former Soviet Union. A late night knock on the door, a worker who never came home, and people who just vanished were common occurrences because of the practices of the NKVD, KGB, and other Soviet security agencies to instill fear and maintain obedience to the Soviet system.While there have been fewer late night knocks on the door since the collapse of the Soviet Union, murder and intimidation remain tactics of security services in the Russian Federation. Particularly since Putin has reigned, power has been consolidated in the presidency and in Moscow. Russian media outlets have been gobbled up by the state, journalists have been intimidated, attacked, and even murdered; private businessmen have been jailed on fraudulent charges to ensure...(Read Full Article)