Man-made Global Warming - So What If It's a Hoax?

A small forest of pulpwood has been clear-cut and thousands of keystrokes have been exhausted by the indispensable media heralds warning us about the looming catastrophe from manmade CO2. While in fact the global warming science is rather dubious and legitimate skeptics appear to be thinning (according to MIT professor Richard Lindzen WSJ Opinion Journal 4/12/06)-- intimidated,  muzzled and shunned if they dare speak up-- how can serious debunkers of this new junk science  get an audience? Well, don't bother. It doesn't really matter.Unlike some previous hysterical screeds, such as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring,  long on deceptive compelling rhetoric but short on facts, which actually tolled millions of lives lost to malaria over 35 years as DDT was banned around the globe, this latest science fiction isn't likely to create such a tragic legacy.  Curbing our appetite for burning fossil fuels may be a "good thing". No doubt Martha Stewart agrees. As...(Read Full Article)