Soft People, Hard People

If the 1976 western The Last Hard Men has it right, we Occidentals metamorphosed into jellyfish sometime around the early twentieth century.  Although this title is more movie marketing than historical statement, there may be something to it.  After all, Robert Baden-Powell, a lieutenant general in the British Army, was motivated by the belief that western boys were becoming too soft when he originated the Boy Scouts in 1907.  Regardless of the origin and rapidity of our transition from he-men to she-men, one thing is for certain: We have become a very soft people.  When pondering this, I think about how it is now common to see men cry publicly.  Just recently George Bush Sr. broke down while rendering a speech, something that was unthinkable a generation ago.  Why, presidential aspirant Edmund Muskie saw his campaign scuttled by a few inopportune tears in 1972.  And before you score me for not embracing the metrosexual model, remember the impression...(Read Full Article)