The Post-retreat Return to Iraq

On November 27, 2006, the media stepped up their demands for an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq by officially naming the incursion a civil war. While questioning their motives, Americans must also be extremely concerned with how quickly these same voices will demand our military be sent back in a humanitarian effort to halt the inevitable post-retreat genocide.Amid all the seemingly principled antiwar discussions that have transpired the past several years, one issue has been shamelessly and immorally absent: if American troops leave Iraq too soon, one of the largest mass-murders of innocent people in history might ensue. Regardless of whether or not we are responsible for laying the groundwork for such a dire outcome, it is incumbent upon this government to make decisions based upon present circumstances and not those we would prefer. While we debate solutions to the current condition, we must be fully cognizant of the possible end-result of all available options before...(Read Full Article)