The Generals' Fantasy Wars

When consummate Rumsfeld critic Ralph Peters finally comes to the conclusion that maybe the senior level military commanders running the war just might have had something to do with the mess in Iraq, you know an earth—shattering revelation has just occurred.  Unfortunately, Peters' public unburdening has come two years too late to save one of the most effective defense secretaries in history. AT and a few others have dared to suggest the same point about senior military leadership a long time ago.  So, now that the supposed source of all that is wrong in our defense establishment has been ushered out the door, I will now follow in the footsteps of my fellow commentator and internet radio host Rick Moran  and declare that the time for circumspection concerning our military hierarchy has passed. One of the major criticisms of the SecDef was his unyielding desire to modernize the military over all else.  It may be a shock to some people, but the Army's deep...(Read Full Article)