Welcome to the Land of the Great Satan, Smiling Mullah

Great news! Great news! The deadly confrontation between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic of Iran is about to become history. The dove of peace is here in the person of the Smiling Mullah Khatami. Just look at his serene face with and ever—present reassuring little smile. It makes you forget all your troubles, doesn't it? If by looking at him you are not comforted, it may be the way he is dressed that seems alien—the turban, the cloak and all. Fine. Then let us listen to what he preaches. After all he is a man of the cloth and preaching is his line. As the past President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he is fully privy to what goes on in that land, what his co—turbaned colleagues are up to, and what they want from the world. Ever since he ascended to the Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he has portrayed himself as an advocate of moderation, upholder of the rule of law and promoter of the 'Dialogue of Civilizations.' For eight years, the...(Read Full Article)