Know Your Enemy

Five years after we finally noticed that Muslim enemies were at war with us we still haven't identified those enemies or developed a realistic strategy for victory. The depth of our confusion shows in the ridiculous debates that preoccupy our politicians and journalists. Is it proper to call our enemies "Islamic fascists?" Does this term denigrate Islam with the unfair suggestion that the Muslim faith is responsible for terrorism? Strangely enough, nobody asks whether the term unfairly denigrates the memory of "Il Duce." President Bush's speech writers used the term "Islamic fascism" just once recently. The resulting firestorm sent the administration scurrying for cover; the offending term has disappeared from the President's public vocabulary. Did Pope Benedict give Muslims cause for offense by quoting the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus (born 1350, died 1425)? Manuel once scored debating points on a Persian scholar by demanding "[s]how me just what Mohammed brought that...(Read Full Article)