Prelude: The Lebanon War and What Lies Ahead

The Lebanon War of the summer of 2006 has now come and gone. It was not yet a nuclear war, but given the way it started and ended it certainly was a prelude. Once again the Arab world displayed its duplicity and once again the West displayed its cowardice, while the Israeli government turned out to be caught in the folly of its own strategic mindset of withdrawal. Hezb'allah attacked Israel, and the Lebanese government (of which Hezb'allah was and is a part) denied any responsibility. When Israel responded to the kidnapping of its soldiers while the UN did nothing —by bombing Hezb'allah targets — the world community called foul. Disproportionate use of force was the favored phrase of Kofi Annan and his associates, while tears were shed for the so—called innocent civilians, so many of whom rushed to the scene to watch Hezb'allah fighters launch their rockets on Israeli civilians. The Lebanese government did nothing to crush Hezb'allah and will do nothing in the...(Read Full Article)