Convict, Correct, but Never Apologize

In recent months, the cable TV shows, newsweeklies and large circulation newspapers eagerly jumped into a story about an alleged rape of an exotic dancer by several Duke lacrosse players.  The media storyline fit the theory of the case put forth by the now disgraced District Attorney Michael Nifong. Privileged drunk white jocks had brutally abused a desperately poor woman of color. The dancer was the innocent victim of a criminal sexual assault, and her treatment by the lacrosse players demonstrated how race, class and gender still define the real playing field in America.  The essence of the storyline was that for the lacrosse players it was natural, given the sickness and gross inequality of American society, for them to believe they had a right to such power to abuse the dancer.  Eighty—eight Duke professors and administrators published a statement that both implicitly convicted the lacrosse team of all the charges, and explained how the attack on the dancer...(Read Full Article)