Media TKO's Kos to Protect Dean and Warner

Over the course of the past few weeks — and much to the delight of many conservative new media journalists — no less than seven major news outlets have published rather derogatory articles about Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, the highly—successful proprietor of the überleft—leaning blog Daily Kos. Conspicuously at the same time, most media avoided or downplayed the recently revealed stock fraud allegations surrounding Zuniga's colleague and co—author Jerome Armstrong — the man that helped Howard Dean's presidential campaign back in 2004, and is now working for 2008 Democrat presidential candidate Mark Warner. As this negative media focus came soon after Zuniga's much—heralded liberal bloggers' convention, The Yearly Kos,  in Las Vegas — where the usual media suspects were writing great praise for the event as well as for Kos himself — some awkward and so far unspoken questions arise:  What did these press representatives and...(Read Full Article)