Why Americans Hate This 'Immigration' Debate

One of the most striking features of the immigration debate now raging in Washington is that none of the Democratic or Republican proposals seem to hold any appeal for ordinary Americans —— which is why this debate is generating so much frustration among voters that no matter which proposal Congress adopts, the issue itself threatens to shatter both parties' bases and dominate the November elections. Simply put, the debate in Washington isn't about 'immigration' at all — and that's the problem. To ordinary Americans, the definition of 'immigration' is very specific:  You come here with absolutely nothing except a burning desire to be an American.  You start off at some miserable, low—paying job that at least puts a roof over your family's head and food on the table.  You put your kids in school, tell them how lucky they are to be here — and make darn sure they do well even if that means hiring a tutor and taking a second, or third, job to...(Read Full Article)