Stephen Walt's War with Israel

Harvard Professor Stephen Walt and University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer have just published a lengthy diatribe against what they call the 'Israel lobby.' Their article appeared in the London Review of Books, and a longer version has been released as a Harvard Kennedy School working paper. The two professors are employed by prestigious universities. But their new paper, a collection of innuendo, half truths, and outright misrepresentations, fails the test of academic integrity and honest research. It is a work without a trace of balance, in essence no more than an angry polemic disguised as academic research. 'The Israel Lobby' is a long, bitter, op—ed piece given a patina of respectability because of where the authors are employed.  They may feel themselves protected from criticism by tenure and their titles. They live and work in the proverbial ivory towers of an academic environment that has become an Arab—subsidized lobby against Israel. Walt...(Read Full Article)