Did Oscar® Wuss Out?

The Academy Awards are mercifully over, and the postmortems are in. First time host Jon Stewart has gotten mixed reviews, with some saying that he seemed too stoic. And, much of the left were very disappointed with the choice of Crash as best picture instead of Brokeback Mountain, as there seemed to be quite a groan from the audience when Jack Nicholson announced the more deserving winner. With those preliminaries safely out of the way, it seems fair to ask whether or not the Academy went too far to not offend its viewers. After all, for years there has been a lot of talk about how out of touch Hollywood types are, and how this political and cultural divide becomes so apparent at these awards ceremonies that average Americans get turned off. However, it is possible this desire for material that is acceptable to a majority of viewers will result in a truly stale, flat, and rather unentertaining spectacle not worth watching. To a large extent, that's exactly what occurred Sunday...(Read Full Article)