Don't Attack the Messenger

'Don't attack the Messenger!' is a phrase shouted by enraged Muslims defending the iconoclastic tradition within Islam prohibiting artistic renderings of Mohammed.  However, it also might be the response attributed to beleaguered European editors accused of provoking riots after publishing caricatures of Mohammed.  What began as a liberal challenge to resist intimidation for criticizing Islam has became the Islamists' vehicle for challenging Western liberal democracy.  Dr. Walid Phares, Fellow of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, interprets the protests as the beginning of an anti—European intifada noting that, 'the Islamists want to draw the limits of world freedoms and the Western liberals reject that limitation.'  Far from being a spontaneous eruption by aggrieved masses, victims of European imperialistic and racist attitudes, the conflict was carefully calculated from the beginning.  What began as the Danish Islamists desire to...(Read Full Article)