Hamas, the Mussolini Test and Iran

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance movement, has won an overwhelming victory in the Palestinian legislative elections. The latest count is that they have captured 76 seats to 43 for Fatah out of the 132 seats in the legislature, or well over half.   The victory and the scope of the victory suggest that all the pre—election polling could have been done by John Zogby. It was that far off. The conventional wisdom prior to the election was that Hamas would do very well, and achieve a strong minority position in the government, maybe capturing a third of the seats.  For this, they were expected to obtain a few ministries — probably to deal with social services, where their reputation for efficiency surpassed that of the Palestinian Authority. This view also held that as a powerful insider in the government, Hamas would be too strong for the PA to enforce its one government, one armed force approach.  Hamas would therefore have been able to retain its terror...(Read Full Article)