Reconstructing Murtha II: Pork and Earmarks

Any cosmetician worth her salt will tell you that the most important step in a quality makeover is to apply a first—rate foundation. In the case of the character reconstruction that has been expertly crafted on John Murtha (D—Pennsylvania) the past five days, it appears the foundation was a complete avoidance of his history as one of Congress' most renowned pork—barrel spenders. To be more precise, the recent left—wing love affair with Mr. Murtha totally ignores past depictions of him as being 'a leading pork—barrel politician' who is often in the middle of a great deal of questionable spending related to defense contracts. A LexisNexis search identified that many of the headlines Murtha made in the '90s were specifically connected to projects that he pushed through the House that largely benefited his home district in the state of Pennsylvania. In fact, his 'earmarking' was so legendary that Roll Call's Mary Jacoby stated in a February 24, 1994 article...(Read Full Article)