Reconstructing Murtha

Almost since the moment Congressman John Murtha (D—Pennsylvania) took the stage last Thursday to call for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, the left and the media that supports them have gone out of their way to construct a picture of this Vietnam veteran that is somewhat inconsistent with the truth. In the past four days, we've heard Rep. Murtha referred to as a hawk, a conservative Democrat, and, maybe most important, a strong supporter of the current Iraq war. However, this is not a completely accurate reflection of the facts, as Murtha was largely opposed to the original Iraq war resolution until some major revisions were made to it, and the Congressman has publicly criticized the war two times before this most recent revelation on Thursday, including just six months after American troops first set foot in Iraq. The Iraq war resolution passed in Congress on October 11, 2002. Yet, as demonstrated by the following press accounts, Murtha was quite a staunch opponent...(Read Full Article)