Democrats and Deep Vote fraud

I was contacted recently by a source (who wishes to remain anonymous) who is a local Washington, D.C. community leader and who has 'done some computer work for several candidates over the years in DC.'  He is also a man who has conducted his own study of vote—fraud in the inner—city.  Close—up, and definitely not for attribution.  I will dub this source 'Deep Vote.'      Deep Vote told me that in a previous article I had missed the most important single factor of all, one that logically explains why the majority of vote fraud takes place in the inner cities, and benefits Democrats.  There has been a lot of controversy recently about comparative vote fraud.  Experience has taught Deep Vote that it is transiency which provides Democrat political operatives with the most golden of opportunities to steal votes.  In depressed urban areas an inordinate number of residents move in and out every year, with some taking up...(Read Full Article)