A Future All-Star

One of the secrets to the long—term fortunes of any successful sports franchise is that they consistently develop new home—grown talent from within their organization. While teams can and do achieve momentary triumph by acquiring a high—priced free agent on a one—year contract, historically the teams with the best records have the habit of developing new talent with an eye to the future, instead of emptying their coffers in a frenzied, frantic attempt to win it all immediately. There is a prime prospect on the national Republican team that has tremendous potential to be a future all—star at the major league level: Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Michael Steele is a particularly interesting study. He was the first African—American elected to a Maryland statewide office and the first Republican Lt. Governor of Maryland. According to his official website, 'His top priorities include improving the quality of Maryland's public education...(Read Full Article)