Muhammad's 'aye' for an eye: law of retaliation in Islam

True Islam, the one taught by Muhammad, revives the law of retaliation or lex talionis. The Biblical "eye for an eye." Traditional Muslims who understand the Quran and the hadith (reports of Muhammad's words and actions outside of the Quran) believe that Islamic law or sharia expresses the highest and best goals for all societies. It is the will of Allah. In 2000, the law of retaliation (Arabic word is qisas) required an eye to be removed (scroll down to 2.5): A Qisas [law of retaliation] punishment means causing injury to the offender similar to the injury caused to the victim. For example, in August 2000, the Saudi Arabian media reported that Abdel Moti Abdel Rahman Mohammad, a 37—year—old—Egyptian national was subjected to forcible surgical removal of his left eye at King Fahd Hospital in Medina. The operation was carried out as a judicial punishment of Qisas after he was found guilty of disfiguring Shahata Ajami Mahmoud, a 53—year—old Egyptian,...(Read Full Article)