A Quranic concept of terrorism

Jihad is the 'evil ideology' that is driving terrorism. Muslims should take the lead in rooting out this barbarism. Early reports indicate  that there were no fatalities from four coordinated explosions that again targeted Londons' transit system yesterday, July 21, 2005, exactly two weeks after the Islamikaze carnage of July 7, 2005 that killed over 50 persons. Perhaps we will also be spared the surreal drama that is enacted each time there is a major Islamikaze terrorist attack: politicians and various other 'experts'—non—Muslim and Muslim alike—start praising Islam. They tell us that Islam is a noble religion that stands for peace and compassion and abhors violence. This is what Mr. Tony Blair did immediately following the London bombings of 7/7/05. It is now all but an obligatory ritual. The major players in this post—attack drama are Muslim leaders and academics. They voice apprehensions about the possible 'backlash' against innocent Muslims,...(Read Full Article)