Out with the old slogan, in with the new

Critics of the Bush Administration are divided between those who tend to view Republicans as part of an ultra—secret, ultra—capable military—industrial cabal who control the world and everything in it, and those who view the President as a moron and his advisers as ideologues who are leading us over a cliff. While I don't presume to know for a fact which school of thought is correct, they can't both be right.  The Republicans—as—evil—geniuses point of view is exemplified by the 'No Blood for Oil' argument. The Republicans—as—fools point of view is exemplified by the 'quagmire' or 'No End in Sight' argument. (Though I speak of the critics as being 'divided,' of course one can find many earnest people who have argued both 'No Blood for Oil' and 'quagmire.') My impression is that lately, 'No Blood for Oil' is fading away in favor of 'No End in Sight.' The 'No Blood for Oil' argument supposes that the war is simply a hostile...(Read Full Article)