Selective outrage

A prominent president, one who commands enormous resources and can influence the lives of many women, has recently made disgusting sexist comments. No, not Lawrence Summers of Harvard, who merely had the temerity to suggest as a possible hypothesis, and in a non—public academic seminar, that women might not go into hard sciences in large numbers because, on average, their brains might not be quite wired for it, and because many women choose to focus their energies on raising children rather than on their careers. And for doing what academics are supposed to do — freely entertaining hypotheses and investigating their limits, implications, and consequences — Summers has been forced to grovel in the public spotlight. The comments we reference are really sexist and disgusting. Nasty and vulgar words about the sex life of a prominent and highly distinguished woman, and her need for what he could readily supply but won't. For this kind of deliberate and malevolent sexism,...(Read Full Article)