A movement in search of a cause

France has found a new tale of good and evil about which to make clever conversation. As usual the villains are capitalism and America, and 'globalization' is the bogeyman combining the two malign forces which have, in their paranoid vision, conspired to diminish la France. Ho hum. The New York Times informs us that Parisian wine and film circles are abuzz with discussion of the surprise hit documentary Mondevino, which reportedly decries the 'globalization' and 'homogenization' of the world wine industry. Those under attack include Robert Parker, the American wine critic whose tastes have become the single most influential factor in determining the popularity (and pricing) of high—end wines, and wine industry consultant Michel Rolland, who is known for advising wineries how to tailor their products to receive Parker's blessings. Now, I have not had the opportunity to see Mondevino, though I will do so when it opens in the United States, so my initial reactions are limited...(Read Full Article)