Why Europe Went Wrong on Israel

[Editor's note: this article is a transcription of a talk delivered by Richard Baehr at Temple Beth Israel, Skokie, Illinois Dec. 5, 2004] I will explain today why Israel is viewed differently in Europe than in the United States. Specifically, I will address: Europe's relations with the US;Europe and its Jews;Europe and its Arabs;Europe and Israel;Europe itself — the rapid changes in demographics, politics and economics that  have occurred  and are occurring on the  continent. When I refer to Europe, I mean Western Europe and the EU (all of Western Europe except Norway  Switzerland,  and Iceland). As an alum of the Bronx High School of Science and MIT I have an  attachment to numbers. So I will start with some important ones that emphasize my major point — modern Europe as a result of consolidation through the EU is experiencing a certain schizophrenia in terms of its role in the world. 1. Europe is a growing economic powerhouse...(Read Full Article)