Turning a blind eye

We have arrived at another of those moments of opportunity in the long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.  And as has occurred so many times before, we are told to ignore all the signs that things are in fact not changing at all by those who see great things ahead in the latest opportunity. One of the things we are told to ignore is what Mahmoud Abbas, the all but certain winner of the coming Palestinian elections, is saying to the Palestinians in Arabic. On several occasions in recent days, Abbas has reiterated his commitment to the entire agenda of Yassar Arafat: Israel's departure from 100% of Gaza and the West Bank, a right of return to Israel itself for up to 4 million Palestinian 'refugees,' and a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.  He has also stated that he has no intention of fighting any kind of civil war with the Palestinian terror groups. His agenda is more hard—line and less compromising than the one the Palestinian peace crowd supposedly agreed to...(Read Full Article)