The sprint to the finish

The Baehr Essentials A week from today, I will provide my state—by—state forecast for the Presidential election and the Senate. So that gives me one more week to hedge.  Both President Bush and Senator Kerry still have a realistic shot at being elected on November 2nd (or sometime after that in the courts).  President Bush, however has a little bit of a wind at his back, in what still shapes up as a very close race.  In the Senate, the GOP is doing much better, and is positioned to pick up several seats. Starting with the Senate races, both Georgia (a pickup for the GOP with Johnny Isakson) and Illinois (a pickup for the Democrats with Barack Obama) have been conceded by both parties for months. But the Republican candidates have now moved ahead in several open seat races. Former Rep. Tom Coburn is a few points ahead of Democratic Congressman Brad Carson in Oklahoma in most surveys, though one newspaper poll out today shows Carson with a 7 point lead. With...(Read Full Article)