A split for Beantown

The Red Sox gave Bostonians the victory they wanted Wednesday night.  But one poll no national media group dared to undertake was to ask the exuberant Bostonians whether they wanted a Red Sox World Series win or a John Kerry win next Tuesday, if they could only have one. Such a poll would have indicated the passion meter ran heavily to the Red Sox, and was empty for the state's junior Senator. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, America's most Democratic state. No other state sends a delegation as large as the one the Bay State sends to Congress that is all from one political party. The state's legislature is also almost all one party — about 80% Democratic. But Massachusetts voters have had the good sense to elect a string of Republican governors. The citizens of the Commonwealth understand that the liberal spending tendencies of the federal government have been a good thing for the state — getting the rest of America to spend $14 billion dollars to bury three...(Read Full Article)