Bush-Rather fight would be stopped by a ref

The Baehr Essentials The wheels are flying off the Kerry campaign. In August, the Swift Boat Veterans' attack softened Kerry up. The Republican Convention then reinforced the contrast between President Bush as a strong leader, and John Kerry as somebody who can't make up his mind.  And now for the 9th straight day, the torch for the Kerry campaign is being carried by the aging, defensive and lying CBS anchor, Dan Rather. It is not a fair fight at the moment, and if it were in the ring, Rather and Kerry would both be carried out. How bad have things gotten for Senator Kerry? The safest of blue states —— New York, Illinois, and New Jersey —— are now in play.  The latest surveys show Kerry up by 6 to 8% in NewYork, and by 4% in Illinois, and trailing by 4% in New Jersey. In 2000, Gore carried New York by 25%, Illinois by 12%, and New Jersey by 16%. If Kerry is in danger in New Jersey, what are his chances in Ohio and Florida? The latest surveys in...(Read Full Article)