Two can play

For most of this election year, the Kerry for President campaign has had its own ad buys supplemented by ads purchased by "independent" 527 groups, such as the Media Fund, America Coming Together, and  Over $200 million has been raised by the 527 groups, almost all of it to support Kerry and the Democrats.  The money has gone primarily for negative ads directed against President Bush, and for voter registration and grass roots organizing efforts in battleground states. Ironically, the 527 groups are in many cases directed by individuals who in the past were proponents of campaign finance reform, and decried the influence of big money on elections. In the past week, groups supporting the President, and attacking Senator Kerry have begun broadcasting much more limited ad campaigns in a much smaller number of markets. The Swift Boat Veterans group, in tandem with the release of a book with a very detailed and damaging attack on the credibility of much of Senator...(Read Full Article)