Kerry bounces backwards

Two weeks ago, both Democratic and GOP strategists were talking about the coming Kerry poll bounce.  The bounce would have two stages: the VP nominee selection, and then the Democratic convention.  The GOP, trying to highball the number, estimated that  Kerry would take a 15 point lead by the beginning of August. The Democrats more modestly estimated an 8 to 12% bounce.  Well, the first bounce, the Edwards selection bounce, has come and gone.  And President Bush has not only recovered from it, but has retaken the lead. The Rasmusen daily tracking poll  records voter preferences from 500 voters every night. The survey has recorded remarkable stability in the relative standing between the two nominees since Kerry wrapped up the nomination on March 2nd. Both candidates have, with very few exceptions, stayed within 3 points of the 45% support level, and neither candidate has opened up a bigger lead than 4%. Right after the Edwards pick, and over the course...(Read Full Article)